Canadian national genebank information system – GRIN-Global-CA

GRIN-Global-CA is a Canadian adaptation of the GRIN-Global genebank information system. The Crop Trust and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed GRIN-Global and many genebanks around the world use it for collection data management. GRIN-Global-CA allows to inspect the germplasm holdings of Plant Gene Resources of Canada (PGRC), the Canadian Clonal Genebank (CCGB) and the Canadian Potato Genetic Resources (CPGR). Passport data, characterization data and evaluation data as well as taxonomic information is provided. Germplasm requests can be made using GRIN-Global-CA.

Services and information

Search accessions

Find germplasm holdings by accession name, any accession identifier, common names or by taxonomic names.

Contact the GRIN-Global-CA team

For information about PGRC and for germplasm requests, you can also contact us by e-mail.

Using GRIN-Global software

Learn about the GRIN-Global software, how to get started and the various terms used

About GRIN-Global

Learn about the GRIN-Global project and how it enables genebanks to store and manage information associated with plant genetic resources (germplasm) and deliver that information globally

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